Nifty and Thrifty Under Fifty – Tea Sets

I’ve seen gaggles of sites touting “bargains and best-of’s” for “under $100.” I don’t know about you, but the last time I had $100 bucks to spare, I did NOT spend it on a new piece of framed art or a clock. I used it to buy food and textbooks, and to pay rent. So I give you…my Nifty and Thrifty Under Fifty. If you can’t afford it, I can’t afford it. And these lists are my solution! Check out these bargain finds:

Tea for Cheap!

1) Etsy Green Tea Set: $37 2) English Tea Leaves of Grass: $44.59 3) Teavana Swan Yixing Set: $49.95 4) Etsy Ceramic Set: $16.50 5) Teavana Blue Oval Blossom: $39.95 6) Etsy Maggie Set: $45 7) Etsy Otagiri Set: $20 8 ) Target Copco Set: $34.99 9) Etsy Lucky Bamboo Set: $50 10) Etsy Very Wise Set: $42 11) World Market Goldfish Set: $19.99 12) Etsy Vintage Stoneware Set: $32


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