Nesting. I don’t know why.

photo courtesy flickr

Don’t ask me why (seriously, it’s embarrassing), but I have lately taken to the idea of abandoning sun, surf, and sand dreams for hearth, home, and…chickens. I spent last weekend pouring over a book on starting a home in the country. It was 950 pages.

Bottom line: why should you care? Because of this recent fixation, I have also taken to hunting down blogs that are basically an ode to the homestead lifestyle. So for those of you who enjoy wasting time trying to find your new favorite place to waste time…you’re welcome. -SMD

Chickens in the Road

Farmgirl Fare (LOTS of adorable, fuzzy lamb shots)

Sarah’s Homestead Blog (not me)

Carpe Diem Acreage (bonus points for a bamf name)

Fast Grow the Weeds

Tiny Farm Blog

Throwback at Trapper Creek

Walden Effect


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