Cheap Chic: Vases

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Spring has sprung and that means flowers! And where there are flowers lurking, there is sure to be a vase that you yanked out from under the kitchen sink or off of a dusty shelf in the basement. Usually the flowers themselves are gorgeous enough to be the focal point, but what about after they’ve wilted and joined the leftover spaghetti and toast shards in the trash?

Clear vases are one of the cheapest, easiest, mosteye-popping solutions to a bland surface. And you don’t even need fresh-cut flowers to steal the show. Simply grab a vase (or seven) from a local craft store (Hobby Lobby has vases in all shapes and sizes starting at $1.99 each), fill with your favorite ingredient, and unleash the power of spring! Finish off your creation with a ribbon, and hey presto – beauty on the bathroom sink, kitchen island, or coffee table. Please share your ideas. Enjoy! -SMD

Great vase fillers:

1. Coffee beans (a perfect perk in the morning)
2. Sand
3. Candy (think vibrant – lollipops or gumdrops, etc.)
4. Shells
5. Pasta pieces (unbaked!)
6. Rice (mix-and-match colors)
7. Stones
8. Marbles
9. Tinted water (add a few drops of food coloring in any shade)
10. Ornaments (in springy colors, of course!)


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