Little bits of luxury for less than $10 bucks!

1. Grind whole beans for your coffee

A bag of whole bean coffee actually costs less than a bag of pre-ground beans, and you don’t even have to splurge on gourmet. I spend less than five dollars per bag on my whole bean blends, and my electric grinder was worth the not-expensive investment. Freshly ground coffee feels succulent swishing in your mouth, and smells divine. My personal favorite on-the-cheap brew: Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Hazelnut blend.

2. Sip your morning bev in high fashion

Make every glass of juice on par with a beach-bound mimosa by buying a martini glass, filling it with your favorite fruit juice (mine is pomegranate), and topping it off with a brim of sugar. Now sit back, sigh, and picture yourself in a hammock. Sets of two martini glasses can be found at WalMart for $9.95.

To get the sugar rim without special tools: Simply take a coffee filter and sprinkle sugar around the base, then spin the upside-down glass against the filter. Reuse for a sweetened version of your morning brew!

3. Dress like a princess…on a dime

I am a jeans-and-T-shirt girl all the way. One sure-fire way to add a kick to my step is to slip on a sundress. With summer fast approaching, it’s the perfect time for those of us previously stuck in snow boots to don flip-flops and cotton threads. I found this beaut on the clearance rack at American Eagle (really?? a sundress on clearance in March??) for about $10.

4. Buy a water carafe. Worth it.

Pouring anything out of a frosted carafe (heck, just saying carafe) makes you feel like a million bucks. The end.

5. Display ordinary stuff in glass containers

Most craft stores (my favorite is Hobby Lobby) stock scads of glass jars in all shapes and sizes: lids, cylindrical, stout, skinny, and everything in-between. By stocking simple, everyday items in clean, fresh glass containers, you can add a speck of spice to the mundane.


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