Look Who’s Back! (Mr. Sunshine & co.)

Goodbye sleet, hellllloooo petunias

My favorite thing about my tiny shoebox of an apartment (other than my 1933 Hotpoint refrigerator and stove)is that three windows are enough to light the entire place up with natural sunlight. Having been through a blustery, dismal winter, the whole place has been dark by 5 pm every afternoon. UNTIL TODAY! Today, my windows are open, the shades are fully up, and there is a beautiful breeze a-swirling. Which brings me to my request: I want to see your windows. Send me shots of your spring sunshine-filled frames and join with me in rejoicing that March is drawing to a close!


I’m a Real Girl! (Sometimes)

Apparently I have some sort of a nesting virus. It all began back in November, when I requested a sewing machine for Christmas and my mother has a small heart attack. Next, I entered my pillows into a holiday craft show and actually sold a few! Now, my fiancé’s mother is teaching me to crochet. My first project is a beautiful, (unintentionally) crooked dishcloth.

I don’t know if you like to sew, stitch, knit, or involve yourself with thread in any capacity, but if you do – check out my favorite site for  the scoop on yarn: The Purl Bee. Enjoy! -SMD

Step One: Crooked dish-cloth pattern

Up-And-Coming #4: SharonSchock

I don’t know where you live, but here in the Midwest, March is full of elusive bits of sunshine bookended by snow, rain, sleet, and slush. So, when I found Sharon Schock’s vibrant, beautiful shop on etsy, I was ecstatic! Now I enjoy visiting her shop for a daily dose of color. Read my interview with her here!

Up-and-Coming #3: Fabrication

O Canada cuff links from etsy's Fabrication

I love, love, love accessories. My favorites tend to revolve around big, chunky rings. My friends used to tell me my hands looked like I robbed a pirate. Arrgh. That’s why I love the newest edition to our “Up-and-Coming” series. Meet Eve, from New Brunswick, Canada, here. Happy reading! -SMD

Nifty and Thrifty Under Fifty – Tea Sets

I’ve seen gaggles of sites touting “bargains and best-of’s” for “under $100.” I don’t know about you, but the last time I had $100 bucks to spare, I did NOT spend it on a new piece of framed art or a clock. I used it to buy food and textbooks, and to pay rent. So I give you…my Nifty and Thrifty Under Fifty. If you can’t afford it, I can’t afford it. And these lists are my solution! Check out these bargain finds:

Tea for Cheap!

1) Etsy Green Tea Set: $37 2) English Tea Leaves of Grass: $44.59 3) Teavana Swan Yixing Set: $49.95 4) Etsy Ceramic Set: $16.50 5) Teavana Blue Oval Blossom: $39.95 6) Etsy Maggie Set: $45 7) Etsy Otagiri Set: $20 8 ) Target Copco Set: $34.99 9) Etsy Lucky Bamboo Set: $50 10) Etsy Very Wise Set: $42 11) World Market Goldfish Set: $19.99 12) Etsy Vintage Stoneware Set: $32

Detox Therapy

Siiigh...the joy of cleaning!

As I’m sure other soon-to-be-brides will agree (and former brides, future brides, and never-want-to-be-brides), winter is the best time to hop off of the healthy train and simmer on the couch indefinitely. My weeks are never the same, so eating healthy feels like a pointless game sometimes. I usually lose.


Being the internet magpie that I am, I stumbled upon Martha Stewart’s Whole Life Action Plan. The plan provides four weeks of recipes, workouts, and goals to help slowly step into a stronger, healthier you. The first week follows a great detox program, and I lost six pounds within the first two weeks. Even if you can’t follow the entire routine, the Plan offers a great jump boost of help.

Did I cheat? Yes. It advises no coffee. Sorry, Martha.